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About us

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After completing my graduation i got married .My husband’s job needed lot of touring often he was away from home ,leaving me all alone at home I needed to keep myself busy.My husband used to tell me that ” A Women is just not a woman with external beauty, but is a woman of substance.” Encouraged by him I decided to become a make-up artist . Once deceived, I thought of having best knowledge of the field.

Hence i joined ” shahnaz hussain’s training institute ” at delhi. to get more professional touch in “Hair grooming” I joined “habibs Academy ” at south Extension,Delhi Still not satisfied, I made up mind for T.V and Cinematographic make-up. Likewise I joined ‘shaman college of Beauty’ run sushila Vasvani the famous bollywood make up artist.

In ‘Aroma therapy’ I got trained from ‘ Aloka’s College, Delhi .’ Apart from these courses I got training under ‘ Christian shaw School ,London ‘ and E.D.P on cosmetics by ministry of Industries, Govt. of India. I came with my own Salon and make-up studio in 1984 (28 years back) at saharanpur(up) . I do miss out socializing due to work but I don’t mind it because definitely work comes first for me. I can’t compromise on my quality work and I cannot accept something that is unsatisfactory for my client. I need to keep a check and look out in every department each time as I am the leading Lady.At times I have to give my family a backseat when it comes to work .It is just that once you jump into the arena of competition then you have to give it a priority.

why Choosing Us

Hair and beauty services are not onlt ment for the above (25 age group). Today grooming services are teen and tweens are in demands .We at Glorious take care of all the age segements under one roof. Simple easy and quick service’s with ultra hygenic standards, modern technique and proffessionally qualified technitions.

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  • [font_awesome_icon class=”fa-heart”]L.E.D ( Light Emitting Diode)
    •  [font_awesome_icon class=”fa-leaf”]Regenerates Dry Hair
    •  [font_awesome_icon class=”fa-leaf”]Slows down excess Hair loss
    •  [font_awesome_icon class=”fa-leaf”]Helps new hair growth with Its Stimulating and nutritive activity where the germinal papilla still alive
  • [font_awesome_icon class=”fa-heart”] Microdermabrasin Treatment
    •  [font_awesome_icon class=”fa-leaf”]Acne scars
    •  [font_awesome_icon class=”fa-leaf”]Pigmentation Disorders
    •  [font_awesome_icon class=”fa-leaf”]Impovement in skin Tone
    •  [font_awesome_icon class=”fa-leaf”]Removal of fine lines and wrinkles
    •  [font_awesome_icon class=”fa-leaf”]Facial peeling
    •  [font_awesome_icon class=”fa-leaf”]Reduction in deep post traumatic scars
  • [font_awesome_icon class=”fa-heart”] Pedicure
    •  [font_awesome_icon class=”fa-leaf”]Baby Soft Heal-Peel In Just 20 Minutes
  • [font_awesome_icon class=”fa-heart”] Air Brush Make-Up
    •  [font_awesome_icon class=”fa-leaf”]Cover lighten or create frackels
    •  [font_awesome_icon class=”fa-leaf”]Age spots
    •  [font_awesome_icon class=”fa-leaf”]Birth marks
    •  [font_awesome_icon class=”fa-leaf”]Veins
    •  [font_awesome_icon class=”fa-leaf”]Lines
    •  [font_awesome_icon class=”fa-leaf”]Wrinkles and Bruiser
  • [font_awesome_icon class=”fa-heart”] Nail Art & Nail Extension
  • [font_awesome_icon class=”fa-heart”] Hair Extension